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Hidden District is an online wine shop with a personal touch. We want you to discover small, risky, passionate, and ethical wine producers with dirt on their boots and roots deeply planted in local soils. These are our core principles:

  • You buy more than a bottle: We want to know you. Listen to your needs and adapt accordingly. We are going to deliver value to you as part of the Hidden District community. Purchasing our wine will grant you access to our lifestyle club.
  • We want to personally deliver the product to you in a special way. Choose your wine and we will personally bring it to your door by Bike (in Brussels).
  • A well informed consumer. We know our wine producers. And we want you to know them too. We are going to organize information sessions (online and physical). You will be able to talk to them and ask them info about how the wine was made.
  • We work only with natural wines: those that are made with minimal chemical intervention from growing grapes to turning them into wine.

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