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Blog for a free desk in a new Brussels coworking space

Looking for a coworking space in central Brussels? Think it is too expensive for your budget? Think again. Space 4041 in the heart of Brussels offers free unlimited access to its office.   What’s the catch? The unique payment method. Space 4041 will not ask you to pay a cent, instead you will be paying […]

Space 4041 session


Pop in to the first Belgium popcorn store in Sablon

Popcorn lovers will go nuts for My Be Pop, a new concept store in Brussels dedicated solely to producing and selling popcorn. Opened in August 2015, it is fairly new on the Brussels gastronomy scene, but has already drawn quite attention. The owners, Annick and Thierry Ramelot, both interior designers specialised in restaurants and cafés, […]

Claire Fontaine Deli – Epicurean Haven in Sablon

If you find yourself around Sablon with a hungry stomach, make sure to stop at the Claire Fontaine deli. Located just around the corner of Place du Grand Sablon, in Rue Ernest Allard, it is a hidden gem run by a charming bruxelloise who named the shop after herself. There is a sense of vintage […]


Bon Jour Bruxelles. Coworking for creatives in Brussels

A new coworking for creative proffessionals in Brussels

Last Friday we had the chance to visit Bon Jour Bruxelles – a new coworking space in Ixelles close to place Jourdan and Place Flagey.The owner of this space, Silvia Galli, aims to create a community of freelancers who are looking for more than just a place to work. Different types of users Coworkers: Since you […]


Shared Kitchen for food startups opens in Brussels

Kitchen’s are the true creative hub of a home. Life may be made in the bedroom but literally everything else happens in the kitchen. So what better way to bring people together than create a shared kitchen for everyone?   Brussels-based startup Co-oking celebrate their official opening on Sunday 22st November as part of Belgium’s […]

What’s the story behind Brussels’ Murals?

Everyone, or I dare say – almost everyone knows about the Brussels’ murals and the well-known Brussels’ Comic Book Route. But not many people know who is behind them. Who paints them? What does their job look like? How do they decide where to paint? I was lucky to come across two muralists right in […]

pic by lewishamdreamer in Flickr


Behind the scenes of YAG : slow eating restaurant

There are many options today to eat well in the city. Restaurants as a business models are being challenged by other peer to peer services in which people are cooking and sharing food to other people. But restaurants are still there. My opinion is that if you go to a restaurant it has to be […]


Hidden District as event space

We are very excited to announce the opening up of Hidden District event space. Right in the centre of Brussels, inside the Galerie Ravenstein we are going to open it for specific events only. The type of events we will organize are in line with our mission statement : We sell wine bottles but also […]